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Suncourt House, N1

We were delighted to have another opportunity to work for our clients at Stewart Watson on this CAT A plus office fit-out project to help recreate the 4th floor office of the old bicycle factory at Suncourt House, Angel. The brief was to refurbish the two large separate terraces and the inside space as CAT A plus, designed to create a bright modern workplace that would attract prospective occupiers. To make this happen, we gathered our team of industry professionals and began an intensive six-week programme of works. 

CAT A plus office fit-out on the 4th Floor of Suncourt House
4,003 sq. ft.
6 weeks

The floor layout maximises team performance by integrating individual and collaborative work zones to optimise the space. This approach, coupled with some inspired breakout areas makes this an exceptional well-being workplace.”

Heather Barrett, Project Manager – Open

Important CAT A plus office fit-out features

Once the strip-out phase was complete on 4th floor, our team began the next phase of this refurbishment project. A key part of the programme was to reconfigure the M&E systems to make them work more effectively with the new layout. We also replaced the low-energy LED lamps and installed a MIL-compliant meter to record the total electrical energy consumption of the floor, including the mechanical system.

A significant feature of this CAT A plus office fit-out project was the creation of an inviting ‘tea point’ with a newly fitted kitchen installed and ready for use by the new occupiers, and the addition of three more zones for break-out areas that will provide future occupiers with a much better combination of space in which they can work individually and as a team.

Another key feature of this CAT A plus office fit-out was the addition of the stylish meeting room with glazed partitions and an audio visual (AV) system, as well as two soundproofed booths designed to encourage quiet time away from screens, for more focused work. 

What were the challenges of creating this CAT A plus fit-out?

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was dealing with the weather during the overhaul of the terraces. To protect the building fabric against moisture and chemical factors we had to coat the terraces first in a product called Triflex, and although this is a reliable system the application conditions must be absolutely right, which meant the Spring showers were a real issue.

The work had to be rescheduled a number of times and other works completed out of hours to ensure we kept to the programme deadlines. Some of the others works presented potential risk, such as unloading the heavy materials – kitchen worktops, booth parts, furniture and glazed partitions – however, taking care to assess these risks in detail up front meant they were eliminated.

How has the space we created benefited the client?

This CAT A plus office fit-out scheme has provided the client with an incredibly versatile workplace to offer future occupiers. The two outdoor terraces, which are for the exclusive use of the occupiers, are a real bonus and offer a relatively rare opportunity to incorporate these inviting areas into the overall workspace when taking the space to market​Also, the floor layout has been designed to maximise team performance by integrating individual and collaborative work zones to optimise the space. The creative approach to this project brief, coupled with some inspired breakout areas and makes this an exceptional well-being workplace and a space we have enjoyed creating.

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