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We’re committed to minimising our impact on the environment by actively promoting sustainable resource use, minimising waste, reusing and recycling materials. We make sure that everyone in our team is aware of the importance of working sustainably and we ask subcontractors for copies of their environmental policy as part of our pre-qualification process.

Our environmental policy

The aim of this policy is to promote best practice and behaviour that reduces our impact on the environment in the places we work.

The objectives of the policy are to:

  • Minimise waste production by recycling and reusing wherever possible
  • Reduce energy usage by using energy as efficiently as possible by means of best practice
  • Conserve and minimise fuel use and encourage the use of least polluting fuels
  • Reduce paper usage and encourage the recycling of paper where confidentiality is not compromised
  • Conserve water use by prompt action where leaks are identified or suspected
  • Restrict and review the use of plastics in accordance with the good environmental practice
  • Ensure the use of non-solvent based paints and coatings where practicable
  • Use ecologically friendly cleaning products where possible
  • Responsibly source materials e.g. FSC Woods, Recycled Material.

Implementation of the environmental policy

We aim to ensure that the above aims and objectives are achieved and improved where possible. Team meetings take place as and when needed to ensure implementation of the policy and to make any changes required. On some projects we register with BREEAM and Considerate Constructors Scheme to be assessed by these bodies and to make sure we achieve the highest scores. As set out in our Health & Safety policy, we’ll carry out an environmental review and adopt appropriate environmental measures to ensure compliance with the current statute.

Environmental policy and score on the CCS certificate.

Policy review

This policy is reviewed annually and was last updated on January 2024.

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