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12 Gough Square, EC4A

We were approached by our client Dorrington who had an inspiring vision to transform the basement area of 12 Gough Square, London into a remarkable wellness space for their much valued occupiers.

The brief included the creation of cycle storage and lockers as well as stylish shower cubicles and an inviting space to freshen up on arrival into the building.

The design, coupled with our client’s desire to create a warm and inviting environment for their occupiers, resonated with our team who had previously transformed the entrance of this building into a welcoming reception space.

A man walking with a bike into a office wellness space.

The vision

The transformation of this basement into a wellness space extended over a period of 16 weeks and from the very beginning the project presented a number of complexities in terms of the drainage system and fire rating. We approached these with an unwavering determination to resolve the issues and, working in close collaboration with our experienced partners, we developed a series of innovative solutions that ensured the functionality of the drainage system, safeguarding against any potential risk of flooding or water damage.

A different challenge was to be found in the installation of the large tiles in the shower area. Not something that would ordinarily be considered demanding, this particular design required the utmost precision, as even the slightest deviation would not meet the client’s high standards or fulfil their detailed brief. Through careful measurement and seamless coordination among our team members, we delivered a flawless installation that surpassed expectation.

​And despite the compact space in which we were operating, we managed the movement of people and storage of materials with meticulous planning and organizational skills, which allowed us to coordinate multiple trades, eliminating potential trip hazards and congested work areas and ensuring the safety of everyone – always our number one objective. 

16 weeks

I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate this enhancement to the building. I used it for the first-time last Friday, and the facility is well thought through.”

An occupier – 12 Gough Square

To meet the client’s detailed design brief and dMFK architects‘ design for this wellness space and overcome the challenges, some of which we’ve outlined here, the team embraced our core values of being clear, collaborative, driven, imaginative, and caring. When it came to taking care of the existing occupiers during the works and to reduce any potential disruption for them, we prioritized their comfort and convenience throughout the project – we scheduled work to minimize disruption during meetings or quiet times, and employed strategies to mitigate noise and dust levels in the building.

​The new wellness space

Once the design challenges were resolved, our team was driven to progress swiftly and, with a clear vision in mind, we worked efficiently to transform the basement into a functional and incredibly stylish wellness area. ​Clear instructions, effective communication and detailed planning were crucial in coordinating the various trades working within the limited space that we had available. And our imaginative approach enabled us to devise creative solutions, keeping everyone on track and ensuring a smooth workflow.

On completion, the client expressed their utmost satisfaction with the transformed space and the new wellness facilities our team has created for their occupiers. And the feedback received from the occupiers themselves was overwhelmingly positive, with real praise for the newly created area.

The basement, once tired, old, and dusty is now a vibrant and inviting space that fulfilled its purpose and has greatly improved the overall functionality of the building with striking cycle storage space, lockers, stylish showers, and vanity areas – there is even space to press your clothes and shine your shoes. Who could ask for more!