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Panagram London, EC1M

The office fit-out of the second floor at Panagram followed our full Cat A refurbishment of the whole buildingThe brief of this Cat B fit-out project was to showcase how the space could be utilised as a fully serviced workplace for potential occupiers.

Office fit-out for a space at Panagram London.

Devising the office fit-out 

To achieve the client’s objectives for this office fit-out we collaborated with BGY architects who designed zones of activity by using unique materials, colour schemes and new floor layouts combined with contemporary furniture and then we build an experienced project management team to make it happen.

Our work on this office fit-out started with building the meeting rooms, which were soundproofed with a subtle grey felt to improve acoustics. To all these individual rooms we added bespoke solid natural wood doors and glazed partitions.

The board meeting room was also formed with large glazed windows, creating the illusion of an open office, where people can still feel connected while in the different zones. And the AV system installed in each meeting room also enables connectivity with those working remotely – an important factor with many people continuing to work from home. 

6 weeks

Creating the illusion of an open office, where people can still feel connected while in the different zones.”


Creating zones of activity

The open plan kitchen and break-out seating area of this office invite occupiers to maintain a focus on their health and wellbeing, with the materials and the colours the designers chose creating a welcoming space for people to relax in.The office fit-out focused on the installation of the kitchen and tea point we fitted Velcro matt cupboards, added smart water taps, decorated the tea point with a terrazzo worktop and added 80’s style tiles. 

To enclose these zones from the work areas we installed delicate yellow translucent curtains that allow the natural light to flow in and through the workplace,  and also give the space a retro-pop aesthetic. 

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