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What’s happening on site?

Karen Smith, Business Operations Manager

All our sites are now open for business with several new projects have started in the past few weeks. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our sites are operating safely, in line with the Site Operating Procedures issued by The Construction Leadership Council – the latest version having been released on 4th July 2020.

We’re open for business

Our Project Managers and Site Managers are working together to ensure that each of our sites is set up to enable safe systems of work. Every project has clear signage reminding everyone of the need to keep their distance and to follow one way systems in stairwells and elsewhere. We have plenty of hand washing and sanitising facilities on site, with regular cleaning routines, and welfare areas where people can take breaks at a safe distance from each other.

Open for business at Laszlo

Some of the team are now back using our office, which has also been equipped with signage and plenty of hand sanitiser. We’ve reduced the number of desks that can be used and limited the number of people that can be in the meeting room at any one time. Our landlord has taken measures to ensure that the common parts of our building are cleaned thoroughly every day, – as is our office – and we’re keeping the windows open.

Open for business on site at Laszlo.

We’re also encouraging everyone to think about how and when they travel – our Director is now cycling between project sites and the office, so he can minimise his time on public transport and enjoy the benefits of getting some exercise during the working day.

Peter on a bike



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