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Break the bias - International Women's Day


This year’s International Women’s Day theme is ‘break the bias’. To celebrate this, we caught up with some of the women at Open who shared their self-affirmations, reflecting their value as individuals as well as part of our team. But before we find out more about them, let’s learn why it’s important we celebrate this day and understand the history behind it. 

How did it begin?

Why is today seen as a celebration? Back in 1900 the day was marked by demonstrations taking place all over Europe, where women demanded the right to vote and to be able to work in public office and other institutions. The celebration of this date initiated the Women’s Suffrage Movement. And it was observed on the last Sunday in February so the working women could also attend. In England, women over the age of 30 were given the right to vote in 1918 (subject to some criteria such as owning property), and later in 1928 the equal right to vote was established. The observation led the United Organisations to recognise equality between women and men in 1945. In 2001 the International Women’s Day Movement launched online and started to reach out over the globe.

Why does it matter to ‘break the bias’?

Why is it important to mark and celebrate this day? Firstly, today reminds us to show appreciation for all the incredible women who changed history through their actions. Secondly, today helps to create awareness about modern life biases that women still go through every day. If we continue to celebrate International Women’s Day each year we can all help ensure that the future is equal and bright for girls everywhere.

This week we caught up with some of our colleagues to learn what they say to themselves to help ‘break the bias’.

Florrie, our Client Relationship Manager’s favourite three affirmations are:

Break the bias with Florrie

Amalia, who manages our Accounts, favourite three affirmations are:3

Gabriela, our Marketing Coordinator’s favourite three affirmations are:


Have a look at last year’s blog to find out more about the women who make spaces happen, as part of the Open team.

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