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How innovative furniture transforms the office design


The furniture and office design can make the difference between the success or failure of a company. Leading businesses understand this and spend a significant amount of time and money ensuring their workplaces support and enhance their company culture and wellbeing. Here are some of our favourite examples of furniture and office designs that transform the workplaces into spaces that support employees comfort and wellbeing.

Furniture and office design that optimise the potential of a workplace

Hive Meeting Pods

Separate meeting rooms away from office distractions are usually required for formal business meetings, but for informal in house discussions, this can seem a little unnecessary. There is, however, still a need for space where workers can come together to discuss ideas in a quiet and concentrated environment.

Hive Meeting Pods could be the solution. The multifunctional beehive-shaped space can be used for informal meetings for around 2 to 3 people or as a quieter space to do concentrated work. The secluded pod can be positioned anywhere in the office so that you are away from any distractions despite being sat in the middle of the workspace. Aside from the extra functionality, it can add to your office, it is also a stunning addition to an ultra-modern design.

CAT A+ office fit-out

Phone Hoods

One of the biggest business phone call faux pas is to ask the person at the other end to repeat what they’ve said over and over again. Many office workers find themselves in that exact scenario because of disruptive noise coming from around the workplace.

In what is one of the simplest yet most intelligent innovations, the solution could be the phone hood. Essentially an acoustic cocoon that can be attached to walls, the phone hood allows a user to answer the phone in noisy surroundings without their hearing of the phone conversation being deterred.

Furniture and office design that transform the workplaces.

Stand Up Desks

One of the latest office trends is to work standing up. Office work is notorious for being predominantly desk-based as employees sit and stare at a computer screen for hours on end. Sustained periods of sitting down are not good for health and can increase the chance of developing diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation as well as resulting in a 20% drop in “good” cholesterol. Standing up while working can help to offset some of these health risks.

There are several companies that have developed desks that are specifically adapted for working while stood up. Varidesk has developed a series of models that can be used for both sitting and standing. Varidesk is a retrofit adjustable platform that sits on top of another desk and is an affordable and practical alternative to buying an entirely new desk.

Modern furniture design such as standing desks provides the opportunity to move while working on a computer.


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